About Us


About Us

Founded in 2006, Juntai Group is headquartered in Beijing with branches in Tianjin, Changsha, Hong Kong, Nagoya, and Detroit. The Group is committed to providing localized total solutions of technologies and talents for the internationalization of Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Since its establishment in 2006, we formed an investment holding company named East-Juntai Information Technology Co., Ltd. as the parent, with the operating framework including the business entities of Juntai Taiichi, Juntai Shuimu, and JTRH through 15 years of development

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Founded in 2006 with its headquarter in Beijing and 3 branch offices in Tianjin, Hong Kong and Nagoya, Japan, the East-Juntai Culture & Education Group (E-Juntai) has a total of more than 70 employees in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and Japan. By focusing on improving corporate soft power over the years and achieving annual output of RMB ¥50 million, E-Juntai has established its five strategic core businesses, namely, localization service, consulting & research service, education and training service, overseas engineering & after-sale technical services.

Being one of the pioneers striving for professional development in translation and interpretation service sector while devoting to serving the China’s manufacture industry for a decade, E-Juntai has accumulated rich resources, developed deep understanding of globalization and improve the soft power of client’s enterprise culture and products in the era of globalization. Further, as one of first companies in the sector which have realized flow management, standardization and systematization by applying the Six Sigma Management, E-Juntai has managed to deliver products of stable quality and to ensure consistency and efficiency of its service as a result, regardless of 10,000 pieces of translation work or 100,000 ones, committing itself to providing clients with remarkable cultural communication experiences in the most reliable and most cost-effective ways;

By establishing cooperation with Toyota Tsusho in 2014 to tap into the resource of the 300 retired experts, E-Juntai is able to offer China’s leading manufacturers with localized and comprehensive CPS manufacturing and management solutions. As a result, optimal improvements are made to over 20 models of automotive products, more than 30 Japanese experts provide CPS consulting services to the Chinese manufacturing enterprises and a minimum of 5 manufacturers improve their overall TPS management processes each year. To look ahead, the E-Juntai TPS Academy will supply the China’s manufacturers industry with CPS management professionals for by 2020.


JTRH Athena (Hong Kong) International Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2016. Under the guidance of the “One Belt and One Road” framework, relying on the ASEAN Center, the embassies and the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of  Education of China, JTRH set up a one-stop platform which dedicated to providing one-on-one study-in-China application services and customized study solutions for international students from countries who participating the “Belt and Road Initiative” by the Chinese government.

Since its establishment, JTRH has actively explored overseas and domestic admission channels; and has set up branches and agents in more than 30 countries and regions, including China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Meanwhile, it has established cooperative relationships with more than 600 universities at home and abroad as well as successfully helped many excellent students in studying, training, and traveling to China. JTRH also regularly organizes forums for international students and provides internship consultation, career guidance, and job arrangement for international students, and are highly praised by students, parents, and universities at home and abroad. As one of the largest international education companies in China, JTRH has signed 146 authorized cooperative institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi and other cities, covering more than 10,000 majors such as medicine, economics, science and technology, general education, art, etc, which provide students with personalized and comprehensive overall solutions to study in China. JTRH is a one-stop service platform to promote and assist in cultivating qualified international students for colleges and universities; build a bridge of cultural exchange for global students; establish an international talent bank and assist Chinese  enterprises to “go global” by providing international talents!
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Development History of Juntai Group



The period from 2002 to 2012 was the fastest and strongest developing decade of economic growth in the 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, and automobiles began to enter the homes of ordinary people as high-end commodities. We have gradually grown to a professional team of nearly 200 experts in China, made significant contributions to the technical data localization for Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, GM, PSA, Daimler, Skoda, Rover, Opel, Volvo, Ssangyong, Daewoo, and other auto products landing in China. At the same time, we took five years to complete the project of research and comparative analysis of global automotive standards and regulations, which won the title of Excellent Project of Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Commission, jointly with the Auto Standardization Research Institute of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd., Foton Automotive Engineering Research Institute, FAW Technology Center, and SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Technical.


In 2015, East-Juntai joined hands with global
retired experts from Toyota R&D Headquarters to providing technical support consulting services to BAIC, GWM, GAC, JAC, BYD, and new energy automakers in China, providing professional, landing, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions aspects such as systems, standards, tools, methods, talent training and introduction of customer satisfaction improvement, cost, quality, and lean production dimensions.



2019 is the most critical year for Juntai Group to take the next step and transform for sustainable development. Juntai Taiichi consulting team is playing a more and more important role in improving the technology capability and introducing talents to Chinese automakers; Juntai Shuimu patent team is helping Chinese technology to go global, and the advanced technologies from Europe, America and Japan can be more valuable in China through the seamless connection platform of Juntai Shuimu. International students from the 10 ASEAN countries and 7 Russian-speaking countries covered by the JTRH network complete their studies and find their preferred jobs in China through the JTRH employment platform to join Chinese companies. Every millstone is a prologue. Action, Behavior, and Future.


Since joined the WTO in 2001, the spring of economic globalization has breezed across China overnight. The development of China’s automotive industry has entered the fast lane of internationalization. 2005 was the first year of internationalization for Chinese auto companies, and East-Juntai Information Technology Co., Ltd. was
founded in Beijing under the background of the great era.


In 2013, East-Juntai and China-ASEAN Center cooperated, and we established JTRH Athena (Hong Kong) International Limited to provide professional study-in-China consultation for international students from 10 ASEAN countries, as well as to provide comprehensive career guidance and development planning for the graduates. We were praised by the international students and parents from ASEAN countries. Under the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative strategy by the Central Government, we
provide comprehensive localization talent solutions for Chinese enterprises going abroad.



2018 is a critical turning point for China’s economic reform. With the continuous escalation of trade friction between USA and China, Chinese enterprises have undergone fundamental changes and improvements in fine production, innovation, sustainable development and social responsibility. They became further involved in global competition. Following this trend, Juntai Group optimized its industrial structure and reorganized it with one centre and two basic points, laying a solid foundation for Juntai’s development in the next 10 years.



Since joined the WTO in 2001, the spring of economic globalization has breezed across China overnight. The development of China’s automotive industry has entered the fast lane of internationalization. 2005 was the first year of internationalization for Chinese auto companies, and East-Juntai Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing under the background of the great era.