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In 2021, good news about applications spread frequently, Admission letters from Chinese universities are dotted everywhere.

Ding! 2021 student card recharge successfully!

The 2021 application season for studying in China has basically come to an end, and students’ applications for studying in China have basically been settled. Most universities have already announced the application results and teaching arrangements. JTRH has successfully helped hundreds of students get offers from their favorite universities. The staff of JTRH who have assisted admitted students entering online classrooms at various universities for online learning. Seeing the arrival of  enrollment letters, we were in the same mood as students, both joy and excitement. Of course, these achievements are inseparable from the trust and support of parents and students in JTRH. In addition, the current results are inseparable from the efforts and collaboration of JTRH colleagues and overseas partner , and the strong support of teachers from domestic colleges and universities.

Our hard-working and dedicated service has also been well received by students and parents. After receiving the ideal offer, students and parents have sent their thanks and blessings. We have selected some videos of students, let us share their joy of getting their favorite university through JTRH!

The following is the offer display of some students who applied through JTRH. Due to the Covid-19, Most Chinese universities still adopt online teaching methods for overseas students who cannot enter the country. Therefore, some schools have issued Pre-Admission notices.

Now let’s take a look!

Chinese Study

Admission Notice From China's Universities

Global epidemic is still raging in 2021

Although the global epidemic is still raging in 2021 and many students are discouraged because of this, it still cannot stop the enthusiasm of most students to study in China. This year we still received hundreds of students’ application requests, and the students who finally decided to apply have also received their offer from intended university. Although we can only take classes online for the time being, many countries have now begun to open their doors and decided to coexist with the virus. We believe that we will soon be able to meet students from various countries across the landscape in China again.

Case study
Chinese Study

Juntai Ronghong (JTRH) is a company that insists on doing education attentively. No matter how the external environment changes, no matter how difficult the road ahead, we always uphold the concept of “FOR FUTURE, FOR BETTER”, and strive for excellence in serving students. Putting the needs of students as the first priority, we insist on being a bridge for Chinese and foreign students to learn and communicate. At present, our database has accumulated all the professional information and enrollment information of more than 600 universities in China, which can quickly and accurately match the universities suitable for students according to their needs within a few minutes. At the same time, our contracted authorized institutions have also more than hundreds of these schools in all major cities in China, covering all majors that students need to apply for. Whether you want to learn computer, design, medicine, engineering, and other mainstream majors, or some front-end popular majors such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, or some relatively unpopular majors, we can all use our information system to quickly match a suitable university for you.

After 5 years of development, JTRH has also cultivated a group of professional team members. Our consultant teachers have been systematically trained and certified, and can provide students with accurate services professionally. Regardless of whether our total number of students is 100 or 1,000, each student has his own study abroad consultant for one-on-one consultation and services. From consultation, college matching, material optimization, application, offer distribution, and registration , The whole process has a dedicated person to follow up. And we promise that if students need support in China after enrollment, we will try our best to help students solve them until graduation. Rome was not built in a day. We will build the Great Wall of JTRH with professional services and a dedicated attitude.

The application for admission in the fall of 2022 has also been started. The top ten universities can start submitting applications in October. If you want to apply for a scholarship, if you want to apply to a better university within your abilities and a more suitable major for you. Then the sooner you need be to prepare the materials, the sooner you need to be to submit the application (Xiaojun secretly tells you that the prestigious schools will basically close the application for admission in the fall of 2022 in December 2021!). Why are you still hesitating? We are waiting for you at  JTRH in Beijing!