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After 6 years of development, JTRH has cultivated a group of professional team members. Our consultant teachers have been systematically trained and certified and can provide students with accurate services professionally. Regardless of whether our total number of students is 1 or 100 or 1,000, each student has his own study abroad consultant for one-on-one consultation and services. From consultation, college matching, material optimization, application, offer distribution, and registration, The whole process has a dedicated person to follow up. And we promise that if students need support in China after enrollment, we will try our best to help students solve them until graduation. Thoughtful and professional services can win the trust of students, JTRH has always attached great importance to the feelings of students. Let’s take a look at what the students said!

Testimonials Of Students Studying In China

Foreign Student In China Stories

Gina is a beautiful girl from Thailand who is deeply obsessed with Chinese culture. During high school, she began to study Chinese in a local Chinese class and got an HSK5 certificate in her third year of high school. She hopes to pursue a Chinese-related career after she graduates from university.
One afternoon in June 2021, the consultant from JTRH received a message from an Indonesian girl who speaks really good Chinese and is polite. Her name was Carmenita and she especially wanted to study in China. Her performance was quite good, already got an HSK5 certificate,
Frank from Malaysia is a local Chinese with a well-earned family. The family has its own business in China, so the family hopes that he can come to China to study and take over the family's industry in China in the future. His undergraduate major is economics.
After finishing my junior middle school back at home, I came to China for my further schooling in Qufu, Shandong — the hometown of Confucius, an ancient Chinese sage. In a fourth/fifth-tier town like this, there are not so many desired educational resources as in a big city,
At that time, China and the Maldives launched a cooperation project, where China offered scholarships to Maldivian students to finance their studies in China, and the Maldivian government was responsible for sending the most outstanding applicants to China based on their academic results.
I was born in China. When I was still in primary school, I went to Canada along with my parents and later became a Canadian. So, I can be said to be a foreigner of Chinese descent. Now, I am a junior student at Nanjing University, majoring in Computer Science & Technology.