Hafeez, Maldivian Student In China, Majoring In Law At Renmin University Of China

I came to study at Renmin University of China in September 2016, majoring in law and already graduated last month with a master’s degree.

At that time, China and the Maldives launched a cooperation project, where China offered scholarships to Maldivian students to finance their studies in China, and the Maldivian government was responsible for sending the most outstanding applicants to China based on their academic results. I was one of the lucky applicants to be sent here.

Being a government-funded student, I have no idea of the exact expenses for my study in China. I lived on the ground floor of the Foreign Students’ Dormitory and shared a room with a roommate. There is an independent bathroom and an air conditioner in each room, and a washing machine on each floor.

But, in fact, I wanted to have a single room, which would make me more comfortable. Especially, I wanted to have my own bathroom. My former classmates studied at Peking University, and they all had single rooms for themselves.

I have a lot of Chinese friends, but I have never been to their dormitories. I heard that four students shared one room there. I thought it would be really uncomfortable for them.

I had a pleasant life in China. I majored in law, so I was very busy at the time. But I could always be able to make time for various activities, and I enjoyed playing football. I didn’t like to go horsing around or window shopping. I preferred to do physical activities on the campus. On average, I spent about RMB 3,000 on food a month. There were almost no other expenses for me except for the mentioned-above items.

I came to realize that China is really a large country in almost every aspect. It would take you a lot of time to go from one end of it to another. Unlike China, the Maldives is an island country. Within just about five minutes, you can get anywhere on the island. It is all encircled by the white waters.

I had already been engaged before I came here to China. After graduation, I returned to my country and worked as a legal professional at a local police department. Now, I have a son and live a quiet life. Everything is going very well for me.

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