African Student in Hunan:I Study Agriculture in China

With the deepening of China-Africa relations,more and more young Africans choose to study in China.
They bring back to Africa the friendship they have learned and gained in China,injecting new blood into china-africa friendship.

Chuke is from Cameroon,Africa,he is an foreign student at Hunan Agricultural University. After two years in China,he not only learned Chinese,but also could operate more than 20 kinds of agricultural equipments.
His ultimate business goal is to learn how to master the equipment and technology of modern agriculture and become a new farmer in Africa.


Chu ke’s university practice is an improved rapeseed drying equipment.”After months of hard work,the equipment has been greatly improved.
Many Chinese agricultural enterprises have took advanced technology and equipment to Cameroon to help increase local crop yields. Cameroon has a lot of good rice now,and the Chinese have come to teach us how to grow it.”he said in fluent Chinese.

The African government began to attach importance to promotion of agricultural mechanization,and try to establish service systems such as agricultural machinery promotion.Chinese agricultural machinery products have gained certain user recognition and market basis in African countries.

China has a long history of exchanges and cooperation with African countries,of which agricultural cooperation is an important part,on the vast land of Africa,Chinese agricultural enterprises and experts have brought capital, technology and experience to help African countries develop agricultural production.