Benefits From A Study In China For Malaysian

Ⅰ. Why study in China for Malaysians?

Many countries in the world regard China as a golden opportunity for assets and have set up factories, regional commercial centres, tourist destinations, and education centres one after another. Now people are beginning to see China as a “window of the world.” China has gained momentum internationally because of its high-quality education and affordable tuition. There are some good universities in China, which are not only recognized by other universities in the country but also recognized by the whole world. So what are the benefits of studying in China for Malaysians?

Ⅱ. The benefits of studying in China for Malaysian

1. The cost of studying in China for Malaysian

Learning Mandarin in China is not that expensive. The Chinese government has always cared about those who want to contribute to this country and the world. The cost of studying in China for Malaysians is kept moderate to help diligent students and provide them with opportunities to improve now and in the future.

2. Daily expenses

The daily expenses of studying in China for Malaysians are not very expensive. For example, students who study in cities like Beijing and Shanghai can live easily with pocket money between 1,500 and 2,500 yuan a month. This is also an average estimate and may vary from person to person. It depends on the lifestyle and course you choose.

3. Scholarship opportunities

China provides scholarships to diligent and outstanding international students studying in different majors in Chinese universities. Students receive a one-time scholarship of about 5,000 yuan, which is issued in the form of a monthly allowance, and students do not need to pay for accommodation. Students can also get full scholarship in China.

Benefits From A Study In China For Malaysian

The scholarships offered are also selected based on your chosen major and your scores. Most of the students studying for master’s and doctoral degrees in China are awarded through special types of scholarships, so they may not need to pay for the accommodation fees of Chinese universities.