China Scholarships For Bachelor Degree 2021

I believe that university scholarships are not unfamiliar to the majority of students. Scholarships have always been one of the comparative research projects of many students. Chinese universities and Chinese government have set up many different kinds of scholarships so that students from China and abroad can obtain it, which not only shows students’ ability and reduces their burden. So you know China scholarships for Bachelor degree 2021? If you are longing to study in China and are searching for information about Chinese scholarship set up for international students, then this article will definitely help you in some ways.

I. What are China scholarships for bachelor degree 2021

In order to encourage and reward international students who study diligently, forge ahead, and develop comprehensively in moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic aspects, different kinds of scholarship are given to these international students who study in China. And China’s university scholarships include national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, national grants, and scholarships established by various schools.

China Scholarships For Bachelor Degree 2021

II. At present, the scholarships offered by Chinese universities are divided into:

Scholarships funded by the Chinese government, professional scholarships set up by universities, individual scholarships on campus, scholarships funded by alumni, and scholarships funded by enterprises.

i. Chinese government-funded scholarships:

1. National Scholarship

There are about 25 million students in China’s national colleges and universities, and only 50,000 people can receive national scholarships each year. The proportion of awards is about 0.2%. The award-winning students are awarded 8,000 yuan each, which is difficult to obtain.

2. National Inspirational Scholarship

The National Encouragement Scholarship is jointly funded by the Chinese central and local governments in order to encourage, reward and subsidize students from China and abroad who work hard and have excellent performance. The reward standard is 5,000 yuan per person per year. Different from national academics, national inspirational scholarships need to have the conditions of family poverty and need relevant certificates.

China Scholarships For Bachelor Degree 2021

ii. Professional scholarships set by Chinese universities:

Professional scholarships are mainly scholarships that comprehensively check students’ grades, ideological qualities, cultural and sports skills and other qualities. They are set by Chinese universities and roughly divided into one, two and three categories. There is a big difference between each university, for example, Tsinghua University’s individual academic scholarship, the first prize is 3,000 yuan, the second prize is 2,000 yuan, and the third prize is 1,000 yuan; Renmin University’s outstanding study scholarship, the special prize is 3,000 yuan , the first prize is 1,200 yuan, the second prize is 800 yuan, and the third prize is 600 yuan.

iii. Single scholarship within Chinese universities:

The scope of individual scholarships is very wide, set by different departments, and the purpose of the main awards is also different.

It can be roughly divided into different departments such as the Student Office, Employment Office, and Youth League Committee.

iv. Scholarships funded by alumni from Chinese universities:

A few Chinese universities have cultivated excellent alumni. After successful careers, they don’t forget to return to their alma mater and invest in the establishment of scholarships to reward those students who study hard. There are dozens of alumni scholarships, and the amount is also very generous, such as the Jingdong scholarship of Renmin University; the Lei Jun scholarship of Wuhan University; Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication Scholarships.

v. Scholarships funded by enterprises:

In order to strengthen ties with universities and expand corporate reputation, many companies will fund the establishment of corporate scholarships. For example, Peking University’s Industrial and Commercial Bank Scholarship, Baosteel Scholarship, Mercedes-Benz Scholarship, Huawei Scholarship, etc.

The above is some information about different kinds of scholarships that Chinese government and universities set up for students. The fact is, no matter which country you are from, as long as you have excellent performance in a Chinese university, you can get a scholarship by applying.

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