Choose to Study Abroad in China

1. Choose to study abroad in China

With the massive investment in higher education in the past few years, China is an excellent choice if you want to study abroad. China has positioned itself as a destination with a lot to offer, and the Chinese government has pledged to create more “world-class” universities and attract more international students. In fact, the country’s goal is to have 500,000 international students enrolled in its universities by 2020, so you can be sure that you will not be alone when deciding to study abroad in China.


You can also ensure value for money because the tuition fees for studying abroad in China are relatively low compared to European countries and the United States. Moreover, there are many universities in China offering scholarships. Travelling and exploring the most populous country in the world is another great attraction for foreign students. Many people use their study holidays to experience a rich history, culture, climate and landscape that are completely different from their own.


When studying abroad in China, when you are immersed in the Chinese lifestyle, you will have plenty of time to learn a second language, which is probably the most commonly used language in China, Mandarin.

Choose to Study Abroad in China

After graduation, your prospects are very good, because many employers in China prefer foreign students with Chinese cultural experience and local language knowledge. In addition, there are many public universities in China. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about being homesick when studying abroad in China, because there are many imitation towns in Shanghai. For example, Thames Town is a replica of an English village, with cobblestone streets and English pubs, making you feel at home.


2. Degree courses of studying abroad in China

Undergraduate courses in study abroad in China usually last for four years, covering a range of disciplines from business, technology, science and engineering to medicine and humanities. Medical and dental courses can take five years or more to complete. Courses are taught in Chinese (usually Mandarin) and English.

Choose to Study Abroad in China

If you want to study in English, you can choose JTRH to provide you with language courses. Non-native speakers need to prove their English proficiency before being admitted. Similarly, if you want to study for your favourite degree in Chinese, you need to pass an ability test.

To enter a bachelor’s degree program in study abroad in China, non-Chinese citizens must be: 18 years old or above; in good health; hold a valid foreign passport; have a high school graduation certificate or graduation certificate or equivalent. Generally speaking, undergraduate courses do not require entrance exams, because only a few universities set entrance exams as bachelor’s degree courses.