Foreign Students From The College Of Agriculture Of Anhui Agricultural University Talk About The New Year

1. Introduction of Anhui Agricultural University

Anhui Agricultural University referred to as “AAU”, is located in Hefei, Anhui Province. It is a provincial key university jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration and the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, and the first batch of Anhui Higher Education Revitalization Plan “Characteristic high-level university” construction university.

Anhui Agricultural University was selected for the “National Central and Western University Basic Capacity Construction Project”, the “Discipline Innovation and Talent Introduction Plan of Colleges and Universities”, the “Outstanding Agricultural and Forestry Talent Education and Training Plan”, the “National Construction High-level University Public Postgraduate Program”, the “National New Engineering Department Research and Practice Project”, “National New Agricultural Science Research and Reform Practice Project”, “Receiving Institution of China government scholarship for international students“, “National University Practice Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base”, “National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base”, “Anhui Province Peak Discipline Construction Plan”.

With qualifications for the recommendation for postgraduate without examination, Anhui Agricultural University has passed the “Quality Certification for Studying in China in Higher Education Institutions” by the Ministry of Education, and is the lead unit of the “Sino-American University Agricultural Extension Alliance”.

2. List of Ace Majors of Anhui Agricultural University

ESI Top 1% Disciplines in the World of Anhui Agricultural University: Plant and Animal Science, Agricultural Science.

National Key (Cultivation) Discipline: Tea Science

Provincial Key Disciplines of Anhui Agricultural University: Tea Science (Class A), Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering, Animal Husbandry (Class A), Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Forest Protection, Forest Cultivation, Urban Planning and Design, Wood Science and Technology, Genetics, Crop Genetics and Breeding, Biophysics, Plant Pathology/Agricultural Insect and Pest control, Crop Cultivation and Farming, Pesticide Science, Fruit Tree Science, Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, and Agricultural Economic Management.

Provincial Excellent Engineer Program of Anhui Agricultural University: Agricultural Mechanization and Automation.

National Excellent Agricultural and Forestry Talent Education and Training Program of Anhui Agricultural University: Tea Science, Applied Biological Sciences, Agronomy, Agricultural Resources and Environment (a pilot major for the reform of top-notch innovative agricultural and forestry talent training model), Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural Mechanization and its Automation, Agricultural and Forestry Economy Management (comprehensive and practical application-oriented agriculture and forestry talent training model reform pilot major).

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3. Foreign students from the College of Agriculture of Anhui Agricultural University talked about the New Year

Making dumplings, rice dumplings, and deep-fried spring rolls, writing Spring Festival couplets, sticking “fu” (which means auspiciousness in Chinese), visiting temple fairs, etc. In the Spring Festival of 2021, 16 foreign students from Anhui Agricultural University will pair up with pupils from Grade 4 Class 3 of Amber Primary School. Under the leadership of Chinese families, they felt the strong festive atmosphere and special charm of the Chinese traditional festival: the Spring Festival.

International students from Anhui Agricultural University said that before and after the winter vacation, whether in school or out shopping, they can feel the strong Chinese “Flavour of the New Year”. The red lanterns hanging high on the street, the Spring Festival couplets posted everywhere in front of the door, the elaborate New Year decorations in the shops, and the warm hospitality of the Chinese people make us “foreign students” feel at home. We like the traditional customs and lively celebrations of the Chinese New Year, and we hope to continue to experience more traditional Chinese culture.