Forum For Cooperation And Development Between JTRH &Thailand Students Representatives

Post time: April 11, 2019

The first Forum for Cooperation and Development between JTRH &Thailand Students Representative was been successfully celebrated in Peking University’s  Zhongguan Xinyuan on April 6, 2017. The forum was sponsored by JTRH and the Thailand Student Association of Peking University, supported by Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd, English College of UIEB, Zhongtai Biological &Medical Technology Co., Ltd. The forum marks JTRH’s new international cooperation milestone with Thailand.

In recent years, Thailand has a more and more frequent commercial transaction and cultural exchange with China. In the field of education, it also ranks the third among the international students in China. Following the trend, the forum would undoubtedly strengthen the cooperation between China and Thailand, contributing to build a better future for the two countries.

In this forum, there were about 20 Thailand students, JTRH top managers including JTRH CEO Mr Zhou Wenfeng and the Thailand international students representatives attended the forum.

Miss. Chen Yuan, the Chairman of Thailand International Students Society of Peking University, showed her sincere wishes for the future cooperation with JTRH and encouraged the international students to study harder in China. She also shared her own impressive experience about studying in China and her future career plans. At the end, she added that she was endowed more great opportunities than that in her own country.

Mr Zhou Wenfeng, the JTRH CEO, also the pioneer of studying in China for international students, gave an inspiring speech to all the international students or invitees.

Firstly, he introduced the JTRH for all the invitees: JTRH was founded in Hongkong in 2016, devoting to provide the “One to One” studying plan for international students who are from the “Belt& Road” countries, and JTRH has been striving to build the first- class platform for overseas students.

Then he mentioned from the three perspectives. As a Chinese entrepreneur, he told the international students should adapt to the world trend, be sensitive to the market demand with a strategic and long-term perspective. As an educator, he encouraged them to cultivate the ability of analysis and the critical thinking. As the sponsor of the forum, he hoped all the Thailand students could make their own contribution to the future educational cooperation between China and Thailand.

The forum has achieved a great success with the theme of  “Win-Win”. JTRH hopes to provide the education service of studying in China for more and more Thailand students.