Hot Majors Riding on the Back of the BRI Program

Apart from economic growth initiatives, the BRI Program also involves sci-tech exchanges, educational cooperation, cultural tourism, green development, foreign aid, and others, all these are closely related to your life.

Infrastructure development spree overseas creates more jobs both for local residents and Chinese far away from their homeland, increased international trade expands the assortment of quality foreign products, China-Europe freight trains bring in wheat, fresh foods, and wines for Chinese consumers, enriching their recipes, BRI partnerships make the visa-free/upon-arrival facility available to Chinese visitors in 52 countries, direct flights to and from 45 countries, together with the cross-border RMB payment system covering 40 BRI countries, make it easier for Chinese citizens’ overseas journeys and agreements on mutual recognition of professional qualification with 24 BRI countries open wider access to overseas study tours…

Each of us has some skin in the game, and at the same time, benefits from it.

And then, which majors are selling like hot dogs on the back of the ongoing BRI program?

Let us take a look at it.

  1. Infrastructure Development
    Related Majors: Construction, Civil Works, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, etc
    Rationales: Infrastructure connectivity is the centerpiece of the BRI Program. Alignment of infrastructure plans and technology standard systems among BRI countries and connection of their infrastructure networks to the ones within Asia and further to Europe and Africa will need a large number of construction talents. 
  2. Foreign Language
    Related Majors:French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Romanian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Persian, Hindi, Hebrew, etc.
    Rationales:Over 1,000 languages are spoken in BRI countries, and among which, there are more than 60 official languages or national languages. Communication among different languages is essential to the realization of the BRI vision and plan. 
  3. Transportation
    Related Majors:Shipping & Waterway Transportation, Highway & Road Transportation, Railway & Rail Transportation, Aviation Manufacturing & Air Transportation, Postal & Logistics, Express Delivery, etc.
    Rationales:Accessibility is the precondition for economic prosperity. Being a basic guarantee to trade and logistics, transportation is among the top priorities on the BRI agenda. All kinds of traffic professionals will be needed for promoting transportation infrastructure construction, enhancing regional interconnectivity, developing relationships between China and BRI countries. 
  4. Economics & Trade
    Related Majors:Finance, International Trade, Marketing, Accounting, Fiscal Taxation, etc.
    Rationales:Cooperation in investment and trade is a priority item on the BRI agenda, which contributes to lower investment and trade barriers and a more favorable business environment within regions and individual countries. More professionals in these fields will be needed as economic and trade cooperation gains the pace among china and BRI countries. 
  5. Energy & Materials
    Related Majors:Energy. Materials, Electricals, Power, Automation, etc.
    Rationales:The BRI program is powered by energy. Talents of related majors will be in short supply due to increased cooperation in energy infrastructure connectivity, further processing technologies of energy and resources, engineering equipment & services, new energy sources, innovative materials, and other emerging industries.

  6. Tourism
    Related Majors:Tourism Management, Tourism Planning, Hotel Management, Exhibition Economics & Management, Tourism Management & Service Education, etc.
    Rationales:Cooperation among China and BRI countries includes tourism cooperation. Tourism talents are needed to growing tourism, increased tourism promotions, joint operation & management of international tourism routes and products along the ancient Silk Road, and cruise tourism cooperation on the 21st century maritime Silk Routes will require a large supply of tourism talents.

  7. Medical Science
    Related Majors:Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Nursing, etc
    Rationales:Closer cooperation with neighboring countries in information communication on infectious diseases, technological exchanges on disease prevention and treatment, professional personnel training, medical assistance and emergency medical aid among countries, and broader cooperation in traditional medicines entails strong supports from medical talents.

  8. Communication & IT
    Related Majors:Communication, Electronics, Computer, Networking, etc.
    Rationales:Deeper communication among BRI countries exacts higher requirements on information infrastructure. Talents in communication & IT are indispensable for higher international communication connectivity, streamlined information Silk Roads, cross-border optical cable laying, improved in-the-air (satellite) information channels, and expanding exchange & cooperation in information.

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