How About International Students At Beijing International Study University?

1. Introduction of Beijing International Study University

Beijing International Study University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is the first batch of “First-class Universities and Disciplines of the World” in China, and the first batch of “Project 211” universities. Beijing International Study University was selected as the national “985 Project Innovation Platform”, “Institutions of Higher Learning Innovation Ability Enhancement (2011 Program)”, National Construction of High-level University Public Graduate Project and National University Students Cultural Quality Education Base. It is one of the six “Small-scale Experimental Universities” of the Ministry of Finance. In addition, Beijing International Study University is a member of CIUTI, Beijing-Hong Kong Universities Alliance, and China-Japan Exchange Universities Alliance.

2. International students at Beijing International Study University

A student from South Korea said: “Beijing International Studies University has a good learning environment and atmosphere, which provides students with the opportunity to learn languages. The diverse associations are also quite attractive to me. I have registered for a street dance class. Although it was hard, I could learn interesting dances and make many friends, so I think it was very interesting. The first impression that BFSU gave me was that there were many international students, and you can find international students almost everywhere. Secondly, there is a beautiful campus environment, especially the library and coffee shop, which are beautiful with a quiet and comfortable environment. In the evening, the small pond is also very beautiful, and people often play guitar around it.”

“The language barrier is a very big problem in China. Living in a foreign country alone will meet all types of difficulties. However, if you are strong and hardworking enough to break through cultural barriers bravely, you will gain a lot! I gained friendship and joy at Beijing International Study University, I learned a lot and I saw my potential. These are the most valuable treasures I have gained besides learning Chinese!”

3. Learning Chinese at Beijing International Study University

Most international students who study in China are worried about communication issues. Many people at Beijing International Study University can speak English. Although most European and American students have an English accent, there is absolutely no problem with daily communication. Also, they will respond to your questions in a friendly manner. For international students who want to learn Chinese in Beijing, good communication skills and the courage to communicate are also very important. Students will learn about the unique Chinese culture by learning Chinese in Beijing, which will help them learn Chinese and even for their study.