How to Get a Scholarship to Study in China 2021?

Studying abroad means a new starting point, a new environment, a new study and life. Studying in China has become a fashion. And scholarships have become an important factor in measuring whether a country is worth studying abroad. It is a lot of money for students from ordinary families. If students can get scholarship, it will undoubtedly reduce the burden on the family and save money for their own living expenses. So many students will ask such a question, how to get a scholarship to study in China 2021? Clearly, there is certain conditions to get it. It is not so easy to get a scholarship in university. Because there are many students seeking scholarships, and the number of scholarships is limited, only a few people can get scholarships. So there will be certain conditions to get it.

To get the scholarship, we must read the student handbook issued by the university when starts your study. Because each university has different requirements, the specific comprehensive grading rules are also different. This requires us to read the student handbook to know which modules the scholarship consists of and which activities can increase scores since scores are the manifestation of your behavior in university.

In addition to participating in some activities to increase scores, the following 4 conditions are necessary for obtaining the scholarship.

1. Excellent academic performance

Although university study is not like middle school and high school study, with teachers and parents supervised, we can’t slacken our efforts. Because if you want to get a scholarship, maintaining excellent grades is the most important thing. Because in the comprehensive test score of the scholarship, the score of academic performance accounts for a large part of the proportion. Also, you must not skip classes. Take notes during class and study carefully. The most important thing is that you must not miss a course. Once you fail a test, you will lose the chance of scholarship.

How to Get a Scholarship to Study in China 2021?

2. Participate in more activities and competitions

University study is a diversified study. Every competition activity held by university is very meaningful. It not only increases our knowledge, but also participates in corresponding activities to get corresponding scores. For example, Lanzhou University’s Fifth College Student Network Culture Festival and Excellent Teachers’ Network Education Selection and Exhibition Activities held by Lanzhou University in January 2021. University study not only requires good grades, there are also many extracurricular activities to participate in, if students with hobbies can give full play to their strengths in the university. Participate in these activities as much as possible to get the rankings as much as possible. The higher the activity level, the higher the ranking, the more scores, and the greater the probability of getting a scholarship.

3. Be a class leader and student union leader

There are many clubs in the university. After the sophomore year, you can run for cadres, which can add scores to your comprehensive assessment. Efforts to run for class cadres in the class are also very advantageous for getting scholarships. You must actively participate in various activities in the university and strive to get rankings. This will add more points. In addition, running for student cadres can not only exercise their abilities, but also create more advantages for their scholarship selection.

4. Multiple exam certificates

Because universities have more time for free study, you can take some certificates in your free time and improve your competitiveness in the future job hunting. And the certificate obtained can also add points in the comprehensive assessment.

In short, after going to college, both the grades and the activities are excellent in order to win the final victory. Pay more attention to the teacher’s lectures during class, spend time studying carefully, and then use your spare time to participate in some activities, so that you can improve your scores and finally get a scholarship.

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