International Students Of Liaoning University During The Epidemic Period

1. Introduction of Liaoning University

Liaoning University is abbreviated as “LNU”. It has been selected for “First-class Universities and Disciplines of the World”, “Project 211” key construction universities, “The First-class Key Construction University of Liaoning Province”, “Outstanding Legal Talents Education and Training program”, “National Construction of High-level University Government-sponsored Graduate Program”, “National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program”, “National Demonstration University for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform”, “National University Student Cultural Quality Education Base”, and a member unit of the “China Free Trade Pilot Zone Research Institute Alliance”.

As of April 2021, Liaoning University has 3 campuses in Chongshan, Puhe District, Liaoyang Wusheng, covering an area of 2,190 acres, with a building area of 894,400 square meters; there are more than 25,000 full-time students. There are more than 17,000 undergraduates and more than 6,500 postgraduates; there are more than 1,800 international students of various types.

2. Majors of Liaoning University

1) Art Design of Liaoning University:

This major has a creative visual culture practice base in Liaoning Province, and students there boast historical knowledge of Chinese and foreign art design and its application and dissemination, master the global art design trend and its application and dissemination, and can carry out thinking, analysis, research and solve related problems, and to carry out professional research, teaching, and communication work in related institutions, colleges, and publishing units or can be a compound innovative talent. Main courses: History of World Design, History of Modern Chinese Design, History of Chinese and Foreign Art, Selected Lectures on Ancient Chinese Design Literature, Introduction to Design, Fundamentals of Design Management, Appreciation of Art Works, etc.

2) Archaeology of Liaoning University:

This major trains professionals who master the basic theories and methods of archaeology, cultural relics, and museology, as well as related cultural, historical, and anthropological knowledge, and have strong independent thinking and practical skills. Graduates mainly go to archaeological and historical research institutions, museums, schools at all levels, cultural relics management institutions, public security, customs, and other departments, engaged in cultural research, management, and other aspects. Main courses: Introduction to Archaeology, Prehistoric Archeology, Historical Archaeology, Field Archaeology, Introduction to Museology, Museum Display Design, Museum Collection Management, Cultural Relics, Ancient Philology, Introduction to Cultural Heritage, etc.

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3. International students of Liaoning University during the epidemic period

“The care and help of the teachers made me feel very warm,” said Alex, a Ghanaian Chinese language student from the School of International Education at Liaoning University. Overcoming the epidemic is the common wish of all. Several international students joined the volunteer team to help school students measure their body temperature, distribute supplies, and answer questions. “I live very well in China, and my family is at ease.” A Zambian student volunteer said. A student wrote the Chinese character “Come on, China” using a running route, and wrote in WeChat Moments: “I hope China and the rest of the world will be better.”