Qualification of Peking University Scholarship for International Students

1. Introduction of Peking University China

Peking University is a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and it belongs to “First Class”, “Project 211”, and “Project 985”. Peking University has been selected as the “Degree Authorization Independent Review Unit”, “Experimental Program for Training Top Student in Basic Subjects”, “Enrollment Reform of Basic Subjects Center”, “Innovation Enhancement Plan for Higher Education Institutions”, and “Subjects Innovation Induction Plan for Higher Education Institutions”. It is the member of C9 League, PINE League, Association of University Presidents of China, Beijing-Hong Kong Universities Alliance, Asian University Alliance, Association of East Asian Research Universities, International Alliance of Research Universities, Association of Pacific Rim Universities, Global University Leaders Forum, Academic Consortium 21, BESETOHA, International Forum of Public Universities and Sino-Russian Comprehensive University Alliance.

2. Qualification of Peking University scholarship for international students

(1) Applicants for Peking University scholarship for international students are non-Chinese citizens.

(2)When applying for the Peking University scholarship for international students, students should have not received any other forms of scholarships to subsidize tuition fees.

(3) The applicants should currently be undergraduate, master, and PhD students at Peking University.

(4) For applications for Peking University scholarship for international students, there are no failings in the required courses in your study program (you can also apply if you pass the repeating course).

(5) Applicants should enroll on time, pay tuition fees and apply for visa and residence on time. There is no improper performance and no violation of school-related management regulations. Applicants have not been disciplined at or above the college and department level or school punishment. Also, applicants have not violated Chinese laws and have not been punished by the judicial or public security authorities.

3. What is it like to learn Chinese in Beijing?

If you have more Chinese friends, the faster you will learn Chinese in Beijing. This is true. Many students at Peking University are eager to learn English, and most of them can speak English very well, so there is no need to worry that it will be difficult to learn Chinese in Beijing. In addition, the university provides language partner programs, which are very helpful. There are many short-term Chinese courses and one-year language courses for non-degree students, which make it easier to learn Chinese in Beijing.