Full Scholarship in Hunan

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Highlights of the Major and Scholarship

Full scholarship
Type of Degree
Graduate ( Doctoral degree and Master’s degree)
Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies, Linguistic Intelligence and Intercultural, Communication Studies, etc.
Teaching Language
Chinese, English
2-3 years
Scholarship Amount
Scholarship of 50,000 yuan per year (equivalent to free tuition, monthly living expenses of 2,166 yuan) Enrollment in September 2021, the maximum funding period is 3 years.
Language Requirement
1. Chinese proficiency reaches HSK 4 2. Students from English-speaking countries or non-English speaking countries must reach an equivalent level of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 80;
Application Deadline
June, 2022
Application Materials
JTRH information form (WORD) and so on

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