Full Scholarship of a University in Hainan3

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Highlights of the Major and Scholarship

Full Scholarship
Type of Degree
Bachelor, Master, PhD
Master major instructed in English: Design Science,Handwriting,Fine Arts,Systems Musicology,Piano Playing, Modern Instrumental Music,The Performing Arts of Vocal Music,Performing Arts of Chinese Orchestral Music,Journalism and Communication,Journalism and Communication,Radio and Television Journalism, China's history,Ecology,Theoretical and Computational Chemistry,Inorganic Chemistry,Analytical Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics,Chemistry,Mental Health Education,Modern Education Technology, Education Management, Chinese International Education, Principles of Education, Psychology, Tourism Management, Economic Information Management, Business Administration , Enterprise Human Resource Management, Computer Technology, Material Synthesis Chemistry, Electrochemical Engineering, Functional Materials Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals, Electronic Engineering,Foreign Marxist Research Teaching in English : Master major:Theoretical and Computational Chemistry , Green chemistry, Analytical chemistry , Inorganic chemistry, Chemistry , Material synthesis chemistry , Electrochemical engineering , functional materials chemistry and chemical engineering , chemical engineering and pharmaceuticals , electronic engineering PhD major : Ecology , inorganic chemistry , Chemistry
Teaching Language
Chinese and English
Bachelor :4years; Master:2-3years ;PhD :4years
Scholarship Amount
Cover Tfiling ,Tuition, Accommodation, Insurance
Language Requirement
Master's degree: Majo of Arts: HSK Level 5, above 180 points; HSK Level 5, above 210 points for Chinese International Education. Science and engineering major: HSK 4 or above PhD: Major of Arts: HSK Level 6 Science and engineering Major : HSK Level 5 or above
Application Deadline
September, 2022
Application Materials
1. JTRH information form (WORD) 2. The copy of passport (PDF)

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