Partial Scholarship in Beijing Wuzi University

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Highlights of the Major and Scholarship

Full Scholarship
Type of Degree
Teaching in English: Management of Supply Chain, E-commerce Teaching in Chinese: Economics, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Finance (Futures and Securities), Logistics Management, Logistics Engineering, Machinery Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Purchasing Management, Quality Management Engineering (Commodity Quality Inspection and Management), Computer Science and technology, Internet of Things Engineering, information and Computing Science, Applied Statistics, Information Management and Information Systems, E-commerce, Accounting (Certified Accountants), Accounting (Asset Appraisers), Financial Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Labor and Social Security, Labor Relations, Law, English (International Business)
Teaching Language
Chinese and English
Four Years
Scholarship Amount
Tuition waiver
Language Requirement
HSK 4 for Chinese-Instructed majors, IELTS 5.0 or English-Instructed certificate for English-Instructed majors.
Application Deadline
February 15th ,2022
Application Materials
1. JTRH information form (WORD) 2. The copy of passport (PDF)

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