Partial Scholarship in Changsha

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Highlights of the Major and Scholarship

Partial scholarship
Type of Degree
Bachelor :4years
Undergraduate major: Tourism Management(Direction of major: Online traveling management)
Teaching Language
4 years
Scholarship Amount
1. For first academic year: ①Tuition fee (20000 yuan) and accommodation fee (600 yuan /person /month) will be waived for the first academic year. ②HSK rewards. When submitting application documents, HSK 4 certificate holder will be rewarded 1,000 Yuan and HSK 5 certificate holder will be rewarded 2,000 Yuan. 2. From second to forth academic year: Hunan Province Scholarship for International Students Scholarship coverage: 15,000 Yuan/person/academic year (Annual basis)
Language Requirement
English-speaking or non-English speaking countries students IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 80
Application Deadline
September 2022
Application Materials
JTRH information form (WORD) and so on

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