Shanxi University of Science & Techonology Scholarship2

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Highlights of the Major and Scholarship

Full Scholarship
Type of Degree
Master Degree and Doctor Degree
Master Degree: Mechanical Engineering(Taught in Chinese/English), Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Computer Technology, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Engineering,Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering , Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Biochemical and Biomaterial Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Bioengineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, MBA Doctor degree: Light Industry Science and Engineering, Materials Physics and Chemistry ,Materialogy, Resources and Environmental Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Light Industrial Equipment and Control, Light Chemical Engineering Process System Engineering, Light Technical Economy And Management ,Design
Teaching Language
Taught in English
Master’s degree programs 3 years Doctorate degree programs 3-5 years
Scholarship Amount
Cover Tuition and accommodation; live expenses 1,000 Yuan for master students, and 2,000 Yuan for doctor students Language Requirement: English-taught Proof/IELTS/TOEFL, Better to have HSK Result
Language Requirement
English-taught Proof/IELTS/TOEFL, Better to have HSK Result
Application Deadline
June , 2022
Application Materials
JTRH information form (WORD) , The copy of passport (PDF) and so on.

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