Selection Criteria for International Student Scholarship of Harbin Institute of Technology

1. Introduction of Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It ranks among the first batch of “Class A First-class Universities and Disciplines of the World”, “985 Project”, “211 Project”, “C9 League”, “Pacific Rim University Alliance”, “Chinese University Presidents Association”, “Excellent University Alliance”, “Global Energy Internet University Alliance”, “Sino-Russian Engineering University Alliance”, “China-Spain University Alliance”, “China Artificial Intelligence Education Association”, founding member of the “National Higher Military Institute Course Ideological and Political Alliance”.

Besides, Harbin Institute of Technology was selected for the “Everest Plan”, “Strong Basic Plan”, “2011 Plan”, “111 Plan”, “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan”, “National University Student Innovative Experimental Plan”, “Nationally Constructed High-level University Public Postgraduate Project”, “New Engineering Research and Practice Project”, “Hosting Institutions of China government scholarship for international students“, “National Deepening Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education Reform Demonstration Universities”. It is among the first batch of universities with postgraduate schools and qualifications for setting enrolment requirements for graduate students, and the first batch of independent review units for degree authorization.

2. Majors of Harbin Institute of Technology

Aircraft design and manufacturing of Harbin Institute of Technology China: Aircraft design engineering belongs to the School of Astronautics, while aircraft manufacturing engineering belongs to the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Aircraft design is the design of aircraft structure and frame, which uses a lot of mechanical principles, and more emphasis is laid on theoretical aspects. Aircraft manufacturing is to make these designs into products with computing, information communication and other auxiliary means. It emphasizes practice, so students can choose their own majors according to their interests.

Computer Science and Technology of Harbin Institute of Technology: Founded in 1956, it is one of the earliest computer majors in China. Our country’s first computer that can speak and play chess, and the first Chinese character input method (now the Microsoft Pinyin input method) were all born here. The on-board computer as the “brain” of the Shenzhou spacecraft was also completed by teachers and students of Harbin Institute of Technology at an extraordinary speed and with high quality.

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3. Evaluation Criteria for International Student Scholarships of Harbin Institute of Technology

In order to promote the development of international student education in Harbin Institute of Technology and attract more outstanding foreign students to study, selection and awards are conducted in accordance with the principles of “fairness, justice, and openness”. To encourage foreign students with excellent academic performance to study diligently and enterprisingly, the “Harbin Engineering University Scholarship for Foreign Students” is specially set up.

The selection criteria for International Student Scholarships of Harbin Institute of Technology:

1)The average score of the full scholarship application must be 85 points or more (including 85 points), the average score of the first-class scholarship application must be 80 points or more (including 80 points), and the average score of the second-class scholarship application needs to reach 75 points or more (including 75 points); 

2)International students who actively participate in various art, sports and cultural exchange activities, who have outstanding results and who have won school-level (including school-level) awards or better awards are preferred. International students who actively participate in professional competitions and winning provincial (including provincial) or better awards are preferred;

3)International students who actively participate in major public welfare activities, or actively participate in various social practice activities and social work, and who have outstanding performance are preferred; 

4)Those who publish papers in relevant international publications are preferred.