7-day Educational Camp

Nanjing, China

March, July

Time left to application deadline ( 1st Apr 2020 )

Nanjing, with a history of more than 7000 years of civilization, nearly 2600 years of city construction, and nearly 500 years of capital construction, is known as the “ancient capital of Six Dynasties” and “capital of ten dynasties”. It is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and has long been the political, economic, and cultural center of southern China.

Highlights Of The Tour

Nanjing snacks rank the top of China's four snacks, mainly concentrated in laomendong, Confucius Temple, shiziqiao, etc, It is not only rich in history, culture and famous historical attractions, but also a variety of foods that make us salivating.
Located in Xuanwu District, Nanjing Museum is one of the three largest museums in China, covering an area of 130000 square meters. It has 432768 collections (sets), 371032 precious cultural relics (sets). The number of precious cultural relics ranks the second in China. It is the most direct witness to the development of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.
Nanjing Confucius Temple is the place where Confucius is worshiped and worshipped. It is the first highest school in China and one of the four Confucian temples in China. It is the place where ancient Chinese culture hub and Jinling historical and cultural people gather. It is the cultural and educational center of Nanjing in Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Every day there are Chinese training courses, including cultural courses with Chinese characteristics. If you want to have a deep understanding of China's historical and cultural landscape, language is an essential learning project.
It will be an unforgettable experience to participate in a wonderful concert with Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
Live in the student apartment building every day, you will have the opportunity to visit every corner of the school, and when you return home after the trip, you will find the real meaning of this study tour.

Itinerary Of The Tour

What You Need To Know

Exclude round-trip flight ticket

Airport Transfer. Exclude round-trip flight ticket.

Fee Structure

Insurance, pick-up service, accommodation, meals, campus tour, classes, culture experience, attraction tickets, local transport etc.

Safety Control

The participants will be accompanied with our local Chinese staffs along the whole tour. Additionally, student leader from the University will assist and to ensure participant's safety.


Four star hotels and above

Price / Fee

USD 399 Participant
(Exclude round-trip flight ticket)

Participation Age

Age 16-22

Study Tour Date

March, July

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