8-day Edutainment Camp

Beijing, Qingdao(tbd)

March, July

Time left to application deadline ( 31th Oct 2019 )

Enjoy a rich Culture Program in Beijing and Qingdao! China will spoil you with opportunities, adventures, and perspective. This 5000-year-old civilization is one that has continuously recycled itself and now is no exception. Today, China is blessed with a booming economy and a bigger population. The striking contrasts between its ancient past and modern future make China an extraordinary destination. Students who study in China will gain an exclusive insight into the culture that is shaping our modern world.

Highlights Of The Tour

Visit Beijing's scenic spots and historic sites, experience Beijing's traditional hutong culture and special food; Let you experience China with her long history, rich culture, booming economy and high-tech.
Visit the coastal city of Qingdao, known as the "Little Switzerland of the East", and stay at the Eight Great Passes, a collection of various architectural styles from more than 20 countries, including Russia, Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and Japan. Take the most beautiful photos.
Visit Chinese institutions of higher learning - Peking University and Peking University Second Foreign Studies University, and experience the strong academic atmosphere of century-old prestigious schools; study immersively in China's top universities and experience a truly Chinese university classroom;
Let students learn Chinese culture through exploration, feel Chinese customs, expand their international horizons, and enhance their background.

Itinerary Of The Tour

What You Need To Know

Exclude round-trip flight ticket

Airport Transfer. Exclude round-trip flight ticket.

Fee Structure

Insurance, pick-up service, accommodation, meals, campus tour, classes, culture experience, attraction tickets, local transport etc.

Safety Control

The participants will be accompanied with our local Chinese staffs along the whole tour. Additionally, student leader from the University will assist and to ensure participant's safety.


Four star hotels and above

Price / Fee

USD 598 Participant
(Exclude round-trip flight ticket)

Participation Age

Age 16 - 21

Study Tour Date

March, July

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