Studying In China Is Beneficial

I am Nusrat Nazir. I belong to Pakistan. China is my second home. I am doing Masters in geochemistry at the school of earth science, Lanzhou University. I started my higher studies and came to China in September 2018. China and Pakistan are best friends. He invited me for a higher study at Lanzhou University. He always treats students well. I learned more things from Chinese peoples and their cultures. They are celebrating a more cultural festival, notably Spring Festival, New Year, etc.

All teachers of Lanzhou University are very cooperative and caring with students. I learned many things from Lanzhou university teachers and their skills. Study in china is beneficial to me. Nowadays in the entire world have coronavirus COVID-19(Corona epidemic). I am following the Chinese health care system to kill coronavirus, and I am advising others. Especially Chinese people drink hot water always. Hot water is good for health. Those days when China suffered CONVID-19 our teachers have been working very hard and making online courses for us and delivered lectures.


As the largest developing country in the world, China has always played a constructive role in global governance. I am very proud of China’s cured well of coronavirus and back to a healthy life. I Convey thanks to doctors, nurses, and China governments, who fought with coronavirus and successfully missioned. Now china’s government sent medical doctors, nurses, and equipment all over the world.

I hope we will meet soon and we will enjoy it again in the summer season without any issues.