The graduation ceremony of international students in Lanzhou University of Technology

1. Introduction to Lanzhou University of Technology

Lanzhou University of Technology is a university jointly established by the People’s Government of Gansu Province, the Ministry of Education, and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, which is a high-level university in Gansu Province and a “first-class discipline” construction university.

Lanzhou University of Technology was selected into the” National Central and Western Universities Basic Capacity Construction Project”, “Excellent Engineer Program” of the Ministry of Education, “111 Project”, “New Engineering Research and Practice Project”, and “National University Student Innovative Experimental Program”. It is a national defense education school, a national university with typical employment experience for graduates, and a Chinese government scholarship host institution for foreign students in China. Besides, it is one of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Reserve Officer Selection Training Base, “One Belt One Road” University Strategic Alliance, CDIO Engineering Education Alliance Member Unit.

The predecessor of Lanzhou Ligong University was the Gansu Provincial Technical School founded in 1919; in 1958, on the basis of the establishment of Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Gansu Jiaotong University was incorporated and named Gansu University of Technology; in 1965, the school was placed under the No. 1 Machinery Industry.

At the same time, the Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute and the Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering have moved all the majors of hydraulic machinery, chemical machinery, petroleum field machinery, and welding technology and equipment into the organizational system, and transferred a group of teachers from Hunan University and Hefei University of Technology to work in the school; In 1998, it was transformed into an institution of “co-construction between the central and local governments, with local management as the mainstay”; in 2003, it was officially renamed Lanzhou University of Technology.

2. Majors of Lanzhou University of Technology

1) Characteristic majors of Lanzhou University of Technology National: 

thermal energy and power engineering, material forming and control engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, process equipment and control engineering, civil engineering, automation;

2) National high school featured majors of Lanzhou University of Technology:

material forming and control engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, fluid machinery and engineering, fluid transmission and control, process equipment and control engineering, automation;

3) Characteristic majors in institutions of higher learning in Gansu province:

automation, electrical engineering and automation, welding technology and engineering, metal material engineering, electronic information science and technology, chemical engineering and technology, accounting, metallurgical engineering, computer science and technology, architecture, industry design, communication engineering, new energy science and engineering, visual communication design, urban and rural planning, international economics and trade, engineering management.

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3. Graduation ceremony for international students from Lanzhou University of Technology

The 2019 Lanzhou University of Technology International Students Graduation Ceremony was held at the Hongliu Chuangke Dream Factory on the Pengjiaping campus. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Ren Peng, secretary of the Party branch directly under the International Education Institute.

Wei Yaobing expressed his warm congratulations to the graduates who have obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees and sent a message to all graduates who have come to China to be ambitious and courageous to shoulder heavy responsibilities, build a new platform for the prosperity and stability of the society of all countries, and open up new opportunities for the development of the world economy and contribute to the common well-being of all mankind; to be pragmatic, to be brave to innovate, to seize opportunities in the changes of the times, to meet the challenges of protecting the environment and poverty alleviation faced by mankind; to spread friendship, spread civilization, and be a bridge to promote friendship, exchanges and mutual learning as the messengers of civilization, and contribute to the friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries; care about the alma mater, keep in mind the ardent expectations and instructive teachings of the teachers, strengthen the relationship with the alma mater, and contribute to the development of undertaking of overseas education in China of the alma mater.