What is It Like to Study in Nanjing City for Bangladeshi Students?

What kind of city is Nanjing? What are its characteristics? What is it like to study in Nanjing city for Bangladeshi students? Next, let us learn about Nanjing from several aspects.

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province, a sub-provincial city, a mega city, and a core city in the Nanjing metropolitan area. It is an important central city in eastern China approved by the State Council of China, an important national scientific research and education base, and a comprehensive transportation hub. As of 2019, the city has 11 districts with a total area of 6,587 square kilometers, a built-up area of 823 square kilometers, a permanent population of 8.5 million, an urban population of 7.072 million, and an urbanization rate of 83.2%.

What is It Like to Study in Nanjing City for Bangladeshi Students?

1. Education

For students, education is what they want to know the most. Nanjing is an important national science and education center. It has been a city that values culture and education since ancient times. More than half of the top scholars in China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties came from Nanjing Jiangnan Gongyuan. As of 2020, there are 68 colleges and universities of various types in Nanjing, of which 10 are Universities of 111 Project, 8 are Universities of 211 Project, 12 are double first-class universities, second only to Beijing and Shanghai; In the ranking of the top 20 global scientific research cities , Nanjing ranks 8th in the world and 3rd in China.

Nanjing University is a famous university for Chinese people. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, ranking among the Double First-Class, 211 Project, and 985 Project.

In August 2020, UN-HABITAT released a list of the top 100 Asian cities. Nanjing ranked 11th in Asia and 5th in Mainland China.

2. Natural conditions

Nanjing is very rich in water resources, biological resources, and mineral resources.

3. Economy

Nanjing’s economy is developing rapidly. In the 2019 “National Salary Report”, the cities with monthly salary of more than 10,000 are ranked. Nanjing ranks fourth in China, second only to Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

4. Transportation

Nanjing is a national comprehensive transportation hub and an international comprehensive transportation hub city approved by the State Council of China. Roads, railways, aviation, subways, and public transportation are all very convenient. Transportation is also an issue that foreign students are very concerned about. The traffic in Nanjing is very convenient, which provides great convenience to foreign students.

5. Medical and health

Nanjing is an important national medical center and an important base for the development of new drugs in China. In 2015, the level of new drug research and development ranked third in China.

6. Nanjing Culture

The distinctive characteristics of Nanjing culture are the intersection of north and south, inclusiveness, openness and tolerance, which is unique.

Nanjing is the representative city of Chinese classical culture and elegant culture, representing the classical Chinese civilization.

What is It Like to Study in Nanjing City for Bangladeshi Students?

7. Social undertakings

Nanjing is an important national scientific research center and one of the three major scientific research centers in China. The projects hosted by Nanjing universities and research institutes have won first prizes in the three national science and technology awards. ,

Nanjing is China’s four major cloud data centers, China’s five regional-level communications hubs, China Telecom’s eight major backbone network nodes, and one of the ten national-level Internet backbone direct connection cities. For Bangladeshis who want to learn Internet technology and scientific research technology, Nanjing is a city worth visiting.

8. Nanjing snacks

Jinling snacks, ranked first among the four major foods in China, have a long history, unique flavors, and a wide variety of varieties. They have been passed down since the Six Dynasties and have a history of more than one hundred varieties. Famous snacks are meat and vegetable, sweet and salty, in different shapes. For Bangladeshis who like to eat rice, Nanjing is a food paradise.

9. Religion

Nanjing has five major religions: Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism and Islam. Nanjing is extremely tolerant of religion, which is also good for most Bangladeshis who believe in Islam.

Nanjing is a good place for Bangladeshi Students to study and visit. If you want to know more about Nanjing and universities there, you can always contact with JTRH and consult us. We can offer you detailed and advanced information on Nanjing and universities there. Maybe you are interested in scholarships, we can also discuss it with you in details.