What is the Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students?

1. Introduction of Shanghai Fudan University

Shanghai Fudan University is located in Shanghai, it is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of China, and the central government directly manages the vice-ministerial institution. It ranks among the first batch of “Double First Class” (Class A), “Project 985” and “Project 211” key universities in the country. As of April 2020, Shanghai Fudan University has Handan Campus, Fenglin Campus, Jiangwan Campus, and Zhangjiang Campus, which cover an area of approximately 2.4392 million square meters with a building area of 2.2411 million square meters. It has 35 directly affiliated hospitals (departments) and 17 affiliated hospitals (4 of which are under preparation). There are 13,991 undergraduate, 22,232 postgraduates, 2,946 international students and 3139 teaching and researchers.

2. What is the Shanghai Government Scholarship for international students?

Shanghai Government Scholarship: ‘Type A’ scholarship can only support graduate and PhD programs. Students can be free of tuition and accommodation fees during the normal schooling period. It also provides comprehensive medical insurance. In addition, it offers monthly living expenses of 3,000 yuan per month for graduate students and 3,500 yuan per month for PhD students.

Shanghai Government Scholarship: ‘Type B’ scholarship can support undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs. Students can be free of tuition fees, and it provides comprehensive medical insurance.

3. International students at Shanghai Fudan University

Is it convenient for international students to live at Shanghai Fudan University (one of universities in Shanghai)? Each room of international students’ apartments in Handan Campus and Fenglin Campus has an Internet connection, which is very convenient and you only need to activate and purchase a network card to use the Internet. Also, students can use the Internet at Internet cafes outside campus or the university’s computing center. A large amount of information about the university is available on the Internet, much of which is important for international students and needs to be read frequently.

The school hospital of Shanghai Fudan University provides good medical services for students. If you feel uncomfortable, you can go to the school hospital with your student card for treatment. In addition, there are Changhai Hospital and Yueyang Hospital near the Handan campus, and Zhongshan Hospital and Huashan Hospital near the Fenglin campus. Students can choose different hospitals based on their needs.