Which University in Beijing Do Foreign Students Like Most?

1. How many universities in Beijing are there?

How many universities in Beijing are there? It is an issue of great concern to examinees and parents. In order to facilitate inquiries about universities, a list of all universities in Beijing has a total of 92 universities, including 67 undergraduate colleges and 25 vocational colleges. The great universities include Peking University and Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University, etc.

2. What are the Beijing University scholarships?

Peking university scholarship for international students has two types: full scholarship and partial scholarship. Full scholarships include exemption of tuition fees, provision of living expenses (including accommodation subsidies) and medical insurance. Partial scholarships include exemption of tuition fees. The standard of living expenses for the full scholarship: 2,000 yuan/month for undergraduate students; 2,500 yuan/month for postgraduate students; 3,000 yuan/month for doctoral students. Scholarship period: 1 year for undergraduate students; 2 to 3 years for postgraduate students; 4 years for doctoral students; 5 years for students who take a successive postgraduate and doctoral program.

Renmin University of China Chinese government scholarship is the “Belt and Road” scholarship for international students. The scholarship is a one-time award. The first-class scholarship: 80,000/person; the second-class scholarship: 40,000/person; the third-class scholarship: 20,000/person.

The Confucius Institute Scholarship of China university of petroleum Beijing includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance. Among them, the standard of living expenses is: RMB 2500 per month for research students for one semester and one academic year.

3. Which university in Beijing do international students like most?

As the capital of China, Beijing is home to universities that are definitely the most popular place for most foreigners, which are also their first consideration for studying abroad. Beijing Language and Culture University is undoubtedly the school with the largest number of international students in Beijing. It is known as the “Little United Nations”. The Chinese culture has great charm enough to attract more international students. In addition, Beijing Language and Culture University is very open and the exchange atmosphere is very active, and the school’s learning atmosphere is great, and the education level is also very high.