Beijing University Of Chemical Technology

Beijing University Of Chemical Technology


Public University



Preponderant Discipline:

Polymer materials and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, automation, materials science and engineering, energy chemical engineering, process equipment and control engineering, bioengineering

Key Majors:

1. Chemical Engineering and Technology  2.  Environmental Engineering 3.  Energy Chemical Engineering  4.  Polymer Materials and Engineering  5.  Materials Science and Engineering 6.  Functional Materials7.  Mechanical Design,Manufacturing and Automation8.  Process equipment and control engineering 9.   Safety Engineering10.  Product Design11. Digital Media Art12.  Automation13.  Testing and Controlling Technology and Instruments14.  Electronic science and technology  15.  Communication Engineering16.  Computer Science and Technology17.  Information Management and Information System18.  Logistics Management19. Financial Management20. Accounting21. Business Administration22. International Economy and Trade23. Applied Chemistry24. Chemistry25. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics26. Information and Computing Science27. Financial Mathematics28. Electronics Science and Technology29. Public Management30. Public Service Administration31. Law32. English33. Social Physical Education and Administration34. Biological Engineering35. Biological Technology36. Biomedical Engineering37. Pharmaceutical Engineering38. Data Science and Big Data Technology

Total Students:


International Students:


Starting Time:

October or November


January to June



Service Fee:

500$ - 5000$

Program Taught in English:

Master: Chemical Engineering and technologyMaterials science and EngineeringComputer science and technologybusiness administrationChemistryDrChemical engineering and technologyEnvironmental Science and EngineeringMaterials science and EngineeringManagement Science and EngineeringControl science and EngineeringPower EngineeringThermophysicsbiomedical engineering

Monthly Living Cost (RMB):