Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University


Public University



Preponderant Discipline:

Special Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Physics, History, Biological Science and Biotechnology, Psychology, Astronomy, International Economics and Trade, Film and Television Science, Geography, Physical Education, Ideological and Political Education, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Educational Technology, English, Information Management and Information Systems

Key Majors:

Philosophy history pedagogy Communication Chinese Language and Literature law sociology economics finance International economy and trade Industrial and commercial management management accounting School of Government Public utility management, human resource management, information management and information system management School of Mathematical Sciences Mathematics and Applied Mathematics neo-Confucianism statistical astronomy physics Computer Science and Technology Artificial intelligence (ai) psychology Biological Science (including Biological Science, Biotechnology, Ecology) Geography (Base Course: Physical Geography and Resources and Environment, Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning, Geographic Information Science) Resources and environment science chemical Environmental Science and Engineering (including Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Ecological Engineering) Drama, film, and television literature art Digital Media Art Learn calligraphy Fine arts (including fine arts and art design majors) musicology dance The sports education

Total Students:


International Students:


Starting Time:

October or November


January to June



Service Fee:

500$ - 5000$

Program Taught in English:

English Undergraduate: no Master or above: Comparative education Educational Economics and Management Education technology Teacher education Environmental science Environmental engineering, Theoretical economics Comparative education Higher education administration Public management Environmental science The world economy A law Chinese philosophy Business Administration Public Administration

Monthly Living Cost (RMB):